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Private Public Cloud Management Dallas

Managed Services - Cloud Strategy

Managed services are management of a customer's IT services by a third party IT services provider organization. These managed services are predefined services for which an IT service provider accepts partial or all management responsibility, thus there typically is not a large capital investment with managed services. Rather the customer pays a flat or predictable monthly fee for these managed services.

While the concept of cloud is simple, determining how cloud best fits with your business strategy and organizational structure is incredibly complex. It changes the way business and IT interact at a strategic level.


  • What are the realities of the cloud separate from the hype?
  • What are the upsides and what are the downsides and how to avoid/minimize the latter?
  • What steps should I take to get started in the cloud?
  • How concerned should I be about privacy, security and regulation?
  • Which of my mission-critical applications are candidates for cloud?
  • How does my operating model need to evolve to support a cloud strategy?
  • What is acceptable uptime and what if any service back up plan do I need?


The cloud can add value to your business by allowing you to use only the hardware, software and services that you need and transferring more commoditized management responsibilities to a service provider, which allows you to focus more on your business-differentiating services. We are ready to help your enterprise take advantage of the enormous benefits of the cloud through Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions.


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